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Pressure Controller

To maintain the recommended air pressure in hall and plenum, we have developed this differential pressure controller. It will automatically control the speed of hall and plenum fans to maintain the recommended air pressure by continuous monitoring. This controller has built-in highly accurate differential pressure sensor up to o.1 pascal’s. Moreover this controller can control multiple fans
simultaneously by connecting them in parallel configurations up to 2.2kW.



Air pressure in hatchery plays an important role in the optimization of incubation performance as well as bio security. A hatchery needs to ensure that air moves from the cleaner area of hatchery to those areas more likely to produce harmful bacteria’s and decaying organic matter.
There should be a correct setting of air pressure in setter and hatcher room.



1. Operating Voltage: 220VAC
2. Rating: 2.2KW
3. Pressure Range: +/-50 Pascal’s.
4. Operating Temperature: -10°C to +70°C.
5. Operating Humidity: 35 to 85 %RH.


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