Used for instant measurement of temperature without contact and at a distance

* Laser pointer is used to direct and align the beam on the point of measurement. Temperature is measured on focussing the infra-red radiation from the target on a sensor

* Applications are measuring temperature of litter, electric motor,electric panel circuit breakers etc

Infrared Temperature Range -58 degrees F to 750 degrees F. 9:1 Distance to spot size ratio.
IR-SoC technology (Infrared System on Chip) and Batch Calibration technology.
Infrared Accuracy +/- 2% of reading or +/- 2 degrees C. .1 degrees resolution for accurate readings.
Selectable temperature units F/C. Emissivity preset to .95. Bright large amber back-lit LCD display.
2 AAA batteries (included) provide nominal 180 hours continuous operation.