Contains the following Items

Aluminum Box with number lock
Digital Scale ( Barkley )
Infra red Temperature Gun  Taiwan
Four in One Meter LM 8000  for velocity, lux, temp, humidity
pH meter   HANNA USA Or Eqv
TDS meter   Milwaukee  USA Or Eqv
Chlorine Kit  Hanna  USA
wash bottle food grade China
Watch maker screw driver set.
Screw driver set STAR Japan
Small Cutter + Scissors
Measuring Tape
Adjustable Wrench 6″
Clamp Meter for AC/DC volt, frequency, Current
Vernier Callipers Digital
Magnifying lens with light
CTC solvent
Forecep, straight
Other items
Distilled water bottle for pH,TDS for calibration
Temperature,Humidioty data logger