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Agro Logic 616

16 stage Controller Including temperature and minimum ventilation curve

The Temptron 616 is a low cost reliable 16 stage climate controller. It provides a complete climate control capability with 16 outputs.

The unit controls the air inlets and cooling flap together with the fans according to programmed fan stages or static pressure control – ensuring optimal ventilation.


  • Save inverter cost – Inverter control (All fans or partial fan control)
  • Save fan electricity – limited number of operating fan
  • Efficiency – Target min. ventilation requirement according to bird weight
  • Heat stress – Preset restricted time of operating pump and timer available


The Temptron 616 is a low cost reliable 16 stage climate controller.
The Temptron 616 was specially designed to control tunnel ventilated poultry farm. The Temptron 616 has 16 outputs for operation of fans, heaters, cooling systems, air inlets, alarm systems, side curtains, and a cooling curtain run using static pressure or preset positions. A fan speed regulator and an output for light dimming can also be added.
The Temptron 616 has a real time clock for operation of light and feeding systems that are based on time operated systems.
The Temptron 616 includes a built in temperature reduction curve, minimum ventilation curve, recording of feed and water consumption and minimum and maximum temperatures.
The Temptron 616 can be connected to the Agro Net communication PC software.


Temptron is the most precise climate controller
Accurate Temperature
12 Step Fan Control
1 Cooling Stage
1 Light Stage
1 Alarm Stage
2 Temperature Sensors
1 Humidity Sensors
Computer Networking available
Heat Stress Index



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