• Vostermann offers a wide range of panel and wallfans which can be installed in the sidewalls of a building. With a range from 20 cm - 92 cm diameter fans in various voltages and frequencies Multifan has a solution for almost every application throughout the world. Complete range is available
  • Axial-flow Ventilation Fan with Centrifugal system Centrifugal system can open the shutter automatically with power on.Smooth operation, low noise and consistent air flow. When power is off, shutters close under the action of gravity and spring. Shutter pieces close tightly with good sealing effect.
  • During minimum ventilation periods, producers are concerned about moisture, litter conditions, keeping birds warm, and air quality. The more control producers have over air quality, air temperature, and energy usage, the more control they will have over their paycheck at the end of the grow-out. Air entering through properly designed sidewall inlets (also known as vents) will allow the air jet to attach to the ceiling, travel along the ceiling until it makes it to the center of the house, and gently move down towards the floor. It is essential to maximize the travel distance along the ceiling so the cool incoming air will be sufficiently heated by the warm air collecting at the ceiling. The mixing of the cook, damp air with the warm air at the top of the house is great for air mixing, but the uniform temperature being created isn't automatically the greatest benefit to be reaped from this system.
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